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Welcome to Proclad Academy


Whether you are a global corporation, government department, small business, NGO or private individual the Academy seeks to go beyond traditional training models to demonstrate measurable financial improvements.

This ambition is backed up with the track record of some of the most well known,  world   class training and education institutions that we have partnered with. Proclad Academy brings you the very best consultancy and training experts who  are   experienced, practical and accessible for your requirements throughout the GCC, North Africa and South East Asia.

I would like to give you a warm welcome to the Proclad Academy. There is an old   Arabic   saying “seek education from the cradle to the grave” which is as relevant   today   as   when   it was first uttered. In modern times we talk of lifelong learning and  Proclad   Academy aims to embody the spirit of learning through excellence,   flexibility and   technology. It is our pleasure to humbly invite you to explore the benefits to be gained from our   portfolio of                                          training and be Inspired to learn.

Yaseen M Jaffer