Candidate Support Services

Our team has considerable experience running programs for international candidates.  We are aware that when candidates arrive from abroad, the welcome and pastoral care they receive is of key importance. Getting candidates settled in without problems, and helping them become familiar with their new environment, is essential for the success of their stay.

The Academy builds close relationships with our students, which ensures that they come to us with any queries or problems. Our specialist support team is available for the students and will assist them in any possible way.  Our services have been designed to give employers and candidates peace of mind and can include:

  • Overall program management prior to trainees’ arrival and throughout the duration of the course
  • The provision of supporting documents for visa applications to the relevant Embassy
  • Preparation of induction packs including all relevant paperwork to be signed by individual students
  • Compilation of detailed files on each delegate prior to their arrival to ensure an efficient registration and arrival process
  • Greet and register students on their arrival in the UAE
  • Assist in sourcing accommodation
  • Assist trainees in opening bank accounts
  • Liaise with students and provide pastoral care while in the UAE
  • Through our day to day contact, act as intermediary between the student and the company.
  • Network with students on a regular basis and by monitoring progress provide an early warning system in case of potential problems.